The security of your possessions is the paradigm. No one can compromise or over-emphasize it. With the rapid development of technology, gone are the days when you use traditional ways to secure your possessions. But now, fingerprint padlock has revolutionized the form.

This small handy device now does not need any key or password. What it needs is just your fingerprint. So, no one can see vandals or assess your possessions but only you. This ultimately ensures 100% security. Far better than conventional locks that are prone to vandalism and theft. The short article below will give you insights into this valuable product.

What Makes Fingerprint Padlock Worth It?

Multiple features add up to the worth of this fingerprint padlock. Some of the features that need your attention include the following:

Long Lasting Battery

The lithium battery with 200mAh capacity and featuring a 3.7V allow you to lock or unlock your lock 10,000 times. In other words, it gives you a standby time of almost two years. So you don’t need to replace the battery more often. It allows you to charge it through the USB port. Even if the battery is low, it will enable you to lock and unlock it more than 30 times.

IP65 Rating

The term IP65 rating itself is a standard that ensures your product’s safety from weather conditions. High-quality material components offer excellent resistance to rust and dust. Even higher temperatures cannot harm the fingerprint padlock’s physical appearance. When it comes to harsh outdoor conditions, this lock is an all-rounder.

Supports Multiple Fingerprints

The multiple fingerprint storage capability allows you to share the lock with your family or staff. The maximum storage capacity of fingerprints is around 10 in number. In addition, an option exists to instantly add or delete the fingerprint of any person you want. The lock comes with a user manual, allowing you to do this super conveniently.

No Key/App/Bluetooth

To operate this lock, you don’t need a key. Or need to learn an app to get the most out of this lock. It also does not allow Bluetooth connectivity to alter the user’s fingerprint settings. The only thing it utilizes to perform better is fingerprint. Each person in the world has a different fingerprint. This makes it a super secure option regarding the security of your valuable things.

Wide Range of Applications

There is no limit to the applications you can enjoy when it comes to fingerprint padlock. The main applications for this lock which you can utilize, include:

  • Garage
  • Gate
  • Handbags
  • Suitcase
  • Warehouse
  • Bicycle
  • Bike
  • House door
  • Tool case

Unmatchable Accuracy

The accuracy that this lock offers is remarkable. You can unlock or lock it within 0.5 seconds. Also, you will not face clutter as its sensor recognizes fingerprints no matter how you place your finger. The 3600-degree recognition feature is incredible for this device. You don’t need to learn a specific finger placement technique to unlock your lock.

By mentioning all of the above features, you now know about this handy device’s value and importance. So buy now one for you!


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