Pressure Washer

Do you always get stressed when you want to thorough-clean your home? Well, it can be a tough task, especially if you are a busy person. In such a situation, it is when you realize a pressure washer can do the magic work. However, before you consider the idea of getting a pressure washer, you must ensure you have basic knowledge on how to use the machine. Otherwise, it can be stressful acquiring a pressure washer you cannot use. That is why this article features an exclusive guide on how a pressure washer uses Max. Water to clear all the dirt.

A Perfect Guide on How to Use a Pressure Washer

Whenever you buy any equipment that requires technical attention, you will always find a detailed manual explaining the steps you must follow to use the machine effectively. However, you may fail to grasp a certain concept explained in the manual and end up fixing the equipment in the wrong way. For such reasons, we have simplified the whole process to follow when using a pressure washer. Read on to unleash more details.

A pressure washer can be motorized by gas or electric motors. They operate by pumping water using extreme force from the garden horse through a spray wand. However, the pressure applied is determined by the nature of the cleaning service required. This implies that high-pressure water equals tough cleaning services.

Despite the type of pressure washer you use, there is one common factor; ensure there is a steady flow of water throughout the cleaning process.

When handling light washing services such as cleaning a car, washing outdoor grills, and parking floors, consider an electric pressure washer which, in most cases, is light in weight and highly portable.

The advantage of such pressure washers is that they have in-built tanks that help with detergent use.

When connecting an electric pressure washer, always ensure the power outlets have the ground fault circuit interrupter in place for maximum protection. Also, the extension cords should range between 12 and 14 for effectiveness.

Note: You can rent a pressure washer when you aren’t ready to purchase one yet.

In the case of renting a pressure washer, you are likely to get a gas-powered one. This is because the gas-powered electric pressure washer pumps more water compared to the electric one. This implies that it can handle heavy-cleaning tasks effectively.

For instance, tasks like deep-cleaning concrete, removing tough stains from wood decks, and preparing to the side for painting are heavy washing tasks that require extreme force, and you will need to use a gas pressure washer.

How Spray Nozzles work

Pressure washers meant to handle smooth tasks usually have a single spray nozzle you can adjust. However, depending on the brand type, you can get one with a turbo nozzle that helps in spinning the water stream; hence, more effective than the ones with a standard nozzle.

To fix the nozzle well, ensure you insert a single nozzle tip into the spray wand by removing the quick-coupling collar. After this, push the tip as far as you can, then release the collar. Ensure the tip is firm and well-positioned before you start using it.

Note: The spray wand should face away for property or a person(s) when you are starting the equipment.


As much as a pressure washer simplifies all the washing activities, it is essential to understand its operations. This is a perfect guide for a beginner or an expert who wants to use either a gas-powered or electric pressure washer.


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