As you know, solar panels help you save on electricity costs. Although there are multiple components of the solar panel system, one of the things that most consumers overlook is the solar panel stand. The truth is that the quality of the solar panel mount can make the difference in the positioning and durability of the solar panel. Additionally, it will ensure your solar panel performs at optimal levels.

Rust Proofing

Most of the solar panel mounts available on the market are made of galvanized steel. Also, the finishing of the stand features rust-proof coating. This means that the mount does not rust easily even when exposed to harsh weather elements. Remember that different materials offer varying levels of protection. If you choose low-quality materials, then your solar panel stand will not withstand cold rain, snow, or extreme heat.


It is advisable to look for a solar panel stand that is built to last. You can find stands made using modern technologies and techniques, along with high-quality materials. Solar panel stands made of galvanized iron have a lifespan of about 25 years. Remember that the service life of the stand depends on several factors such as maintenance and the environment.

Universal Design

It is advisable to look out for solar panel stands with universal design. This means it can hold a wide range of solar panel mounts. You will find this to be useful if you have many solar panels of different sizes and shapes.


The rooftop solar panel stand is the most common. However, this type is only suitable for reinforced concrete roofs. If you live in a rented apartment, you should opt for a wall-mounted solar stand. The good thing about this stand is that you can get all the benefits of solar energy without taking up a lot of space.

Adjustable Angles

It is possible to change holes in a universal solar panel stand to get the desired output. When installing solar panels, you have to pay attention to the tilt angle. This is created by the horizontal ground that varies depending on the location’s latitude. You need to ensure that the tilt angle is the same as your latitude. This is necessary to ensure you produce maximum energy with your solar panels.


When installing the solar panel on the roof, you can be sure it is getting adequate sunlight exposure. However, this is not always the case as you might not get enough space on your roof. Then, you should consider going for a wall-mount stand. If you have adequate space on the roof, you should ensure the solar panel is in an area that is shadow-free.


The truth is that a solar panel stand is an important component of your solar panel system. It does not matter whether you are installing the system in large building or at home. Ensure you get a stand that is extremely durable and provides the required amount of support. With so many solar panel stands out there, you can always get one that matches your requirements.


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